Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cool Storage!!!

Check out the Awesome Ribbon storage!!!!!!
Ribbon Carousel
I love the fact it is a desktop storage ..I don't have drill a hole on the wall and I can take it anywhere with me( as you all know after this reccent move I only think moveable units are best for me).
Click HERE for the details....
You can check their Facebook page ....HERE.


Marisa said...

Love it! Wonderfully compact and the fact that is is a carousel - huge bonus!!

Karuna said...

This is actually awesome! i always ruin my ribbons as i find it hard to store them!

Btw: The Crafting Queen Store now offer PayPal options :)


Sarabeth said...

how cool!!!! thanks for sharing-i have my ribbon all over lol and i think this just may help me out :)


Carole RB said...

Hi Piali

Great! Thanks for the info.

Have a nice day!

Louise Brown said...

Thanks for showing this product. Sure is a great idea.

Divinity said...

this is the BEST ribbon storage idea I have seen yet!!!! totally love the fact that it's movable. gonna try making one of these for myself :)

Corinna McGregor said...

Thank you so much Piali for the wonderful spotlight on your blog. :D I really appreciate it! :D